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Mo’ Better Ideas for Spike Lee Sequels

Spike Lee and Ray Allen want to make He Got Game 2.

Spike Lee and Ray Allen want to make He Got Game 2.

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Now that the long-gestating Inside Man 2 has been shelved, Spike Lee has moved on to trying to get yet another sequel off the ground. In a recent interview with The Stashed flagged yesterday by Indiewire, Lee said he’s committed to making a sequel to He Got Game:

“It’s not really a rumor anymore… We’ve just got to get it. Ray [Allen] wants to do it, I want to do it, Lala… I mean Rosario [Dawson] want’s to do it. We’ve just got to get Denzel [Washington] on board and I’ll write the script.”

Some might think that it’s a sad sign for the movie industry that one of the most important directors of the ’80s and ’90s has been reduced to pitching sequels and remakes. (And especially when a sequel to He Got Game is as necessary as a sequel to Raging Bull.) But we figure we should make the best of it. After carefully mulling over some ideas at the Slate offices, we’ve come up with the following, more promising pitches for Spike Lee sequels:

The 26th Hour
She Gotta Have It, Too
She Still Hate Me
Get Back on the Bus
Do The Right Thing, Again
Girl 7
Even Mo’ Better Blues
Autumn of Sam
School Nightz
The Derivative Kings of Comedy
Kobe Doin’ the Disabled List
I Still Know What You Did Last Red Hook Summer
Malcolm Y

Of course, Lee had trouble getting even Inside Man 2 and the Oldboy remake into production, so these might not be quite the joints that Hollywood is looking for. But with luck, we’ll see Spike get all the way to Malcolm XI.