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Listen to the Charming This American Life Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

Ira Glass may not be famous enough for an SNL skit, but the smart folks at Google realized his potential for a charming Valentine’s Day Doodle. Today’s page features six hearts, in This American Life tradition, each one tells a story about different aspects of love: crush, Mr. Right, first kiss, 4ever yours, puppy love, and blind date. As one would expect from a radio-show inspired feature, when you click, it’s mostly audio, but there are some delightful illustrations accompanying each story.

Google’s behind the scenes video explains that they didn’t want to overshadow the audio and the simple art does a great job accompanying. Some of the stories are new, others were collected by the TAL team over the years—but all are a great way to start your Valentine’s Day, whether you’re celebrating or not.