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Watch Friday Night Lights and Parenthood Join Forces

It’s hard to see here, but Amber (Mae Whitman) seems to be wearing an East Dillon T-shirt.


Earlier this week, NBC announced that four of their shows—Chicago Fire, Grimm, Parks and Recreation, and Parenthood—would produce complementary webisodes while the series are off the air during the Olympics. Typically, webisodes may not be much consolation for fans, but the Parenthood series is attracting some excitement as it centers around a mini-Friday Night Lights crossover. (Jason Katims has served as executive producer of both shows.)

The show is no stranger to Friday Night Lights guest stars: Both Minka Kelly and Michael B. Jordan have had story arcs. The webisodes feature FNL’s Landry Clarke (Jesse Plemons) recording with his band Crucifictorious at Parenthood’s recording studio, The Luncheonette. (Hence the name, “Friday Night at the Luncheonette.”) Combining Parenthood’s two best characters—Amber, played by Mae Whitman (her?), and her cousin Max (Max Burkholder)—with Landry and his band sounds like the best of both worlds. Part 1 is very short, but so far, so good.

Amber appears to be wearing an East Dillion T-Shirt. Perhaps she got it from former flame Ryan/Luke?