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A Short Documentary About Her Further Explores Love in the Internet Age

Joaquin Phoenix in Her (2013).

Joaquin Phoenix in Her

Photo by Warner Bros.

Whether you loved the film or hated it, Spike Jonze’s Her is undeniably a memorable film that makes for a very good conversation piece. A new 15-minute documentary from Lance Bangs, a friend and collaborator of Jonze, seeks to translate the avid discussion about technology and relationships prompted by the movie into a short film of its own.

In Her: Love in the Modern Age, Bangs interviews a wide range of creative types, including Brett Easton Ellis and Olivia Wilde (who has a small part in Her), each of whom shares thoughts on love and human interaction. The short film nicely encapsulates the conversation about Her and its ideas that is sure to continue long after the Oscars hoopla has faded.

(Via Indiewire.)