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A Video of “Sketchy Santas” Confirms That Certain Christmas Traditions Are Weird

“Sketchy Santas

Allowing your child to sit on the lap of an old man—often a complete stranger—so that he or she can ask for gifts is kind of a weird tradition. Sometimes it can be cute, but more often than not, it can be really uncomfortable, to say the least.

And that’s what the Sketchy Santas page once fed off of, featuring photos of random Santas looking, well, sketchy. Though the original site has not been updated in some time, Atlantic editor Derek Thompson recently tweeted this great video from a few years back that is worth revisiting on this late holiday-season Friday afternoon.

Created by Coty Gonzales, the video compiles many of the photos from the site and scores them to a hilariously awful rendition of “O Holy Night.” Gonzales credited the singer as “amzing yet unknown,” but several years back Fred McKinnon published a six-part story recounting the origins of the recording (and his own efforts to track them down).