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Hear—and See—Beyoncé’s New Album in Full Now (No, This Is Not a Joke.)


Did Beyoncé just pull the best stunt ever?

Buda Mendes

All year, Beyoncé fans have been awaiting her fifth solo studio album, and all year fans have been disappointed by apparent setbacks and sporadic song leaks. While it seemed like the production of her album was spinning out of her control, Beyoncé has proven yet again that more often than not, she’s the one running a tight ship: Her new and apparently self-titled album has dropped, surprisingly, on iTunes.

And it’s not just an album—it’s a “visual” one, featuring 14 songs and 17 videos. The singer explains a bit of the story behind it in a video posted on her Facebook page:

For now, only the entire album is available on iTunes (songs will be available individually on Dec. 20). Beyoncé fans, rejoice: Looks like Queen B has performed one of the best stunts ever.