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Tour the World’s Largest Independent Video Store

I’ve yet to take a trip to Seattle, but when that day comes, I know that Scarecrow Video will be on my list of must-visit spots. Currently celebrating its 25th birthday, it’s known as the largest privately-owned independent video store in the world, boasting a collection of “over 120,000 individual titles”—a cinephile’s dream.

For those, like me, unable to witness this abundance firsthand, Slash Film’s short video documenting Scarecrow is a welcome substitution. In it, 10-year employee Matt Lynch shows off the many (very) specific categories in the store and discusses the challenges of competing with the likes of Netflix and Redbox. You may even find an obscure movie title mentioned by Lynch that sparks your interest.


Here’s hoping you can find that film somewhere and check it out for yourself, even if you don’t reside in Seattle.

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