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Stephen Colbert Gives a Strangely Sinister Reading of the Gettysburg Address

Colbert gets into it.


“To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, documentarian Ken Burns, along with numerous partners, has launched a national effort to encourage everyone in America to video record themselves reading or reciting the speech.” So declares Learn the Address, a new website just launched by Burns et al to house recordings that are a part of the project.

Somehow I suspect that few will top the one below, by Stephen Colbert.

Even the one by fellow funnyman Louis C.K. pales in comparison. Of course, impersonating Abraham Lincoln may have felt a little old-hat to C.K.

The newest video is an All-Star rendition that features several former U.S. presidents, one current U.S. president, and Taylor Swift (plus a few others).

This is all leading up to the PBS premiere of The Address, a new Ken Burns film, in April. You can learn more at Learn the Address.