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This Hairy, Half-Naked Man Sang Miley Cyrus on Chatroulette. What Happened Next Will Inspire You.

What people choose to do on Chatroulette is their own business, but for Steve Kardynal that’s stripping half-naked and (what else?) singing pop songs. Last year, he did it with “Call Me Maybe,” a song that encouraged a whole lot of young dudes to act like a lady. This time (via Gawker) he logged back on to perform a surprisingly thorough reenactment of the video for “Wrecking Ball.” (He bares it all, but don’t worry, it’s safe for work.)

As with “Call Me Maybe,” what’s best about these videos is what’s on the other side of the screen. If anyone reacted with anger upon seeing something so silly, and upon seeing a man flaunt his body so enthusiastically, we don’t see it.

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