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The Geniuses Behind “The Fox” Give Massachusetts a New State Song

The Norwegian parody-pop duo Ylvis stormed the U.S. with their viral sensation “The Fox,” which has now reached No. 6 on the Billboard chart. But true fans know they’re no one-hit wonder—indeed, “The Fox” is arguably not even their best song.

And so the hopes were high for their follow-up. Delightfully, for this Massachusetts native, it’s an ode to the Bay State, with a video apparently shot on location, and references to Attleboro and Haverhill and other Massachusetts locales. Were they aware of the fight that has lately brewed over the rightful Massachusetts state song? Are they trying to capitalize on their new-found American fame?

I don’t know. And, thanks partly to the many gay jokes in the song—some of which seem to poke fun at homophobia, some of which seem like gay jokes of the more traditional and regrettable kind—I’m still casting my ballot for “Roadrunner” if we ever get to vote. But there’s enough inspired silliness in this one to make it a contender, at least. Enjoy.