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If the Real World Were Like the Comments on TV Recaps

Anna Gunn as Skyler White on Breaking Bad

Ursula Coyote/AMC

The video below by Jon Bershad does a pretty good job depicting a world where cops respond to domestic abuse complaints the way many viewers respond to the wives of their favorite TV “antiheroes.” But what takes the video to another level are the comments left beneath it. Such as: “People don’t think Skylar [sic] is a bitch because Heisenberg is awesome but because Skylar doesnt do anything about it and just bitches,” and “I hate Skylar because shes annoying, not because of anything she does. its the way she says things etc.”

Thanks for proving the video’s point, guys. As Bershad himself explains in the comments, though he had just “read Anna Gunn’s op-ed before writing” this sketch, the main character “isn’t supposed to be Skyler White,” but rather a “composite of many cable TV wives ever since the dawn of the ‘Antihero era,’ ” including Betty Draper and Carmela Soprano. Anyway, enjoy.

(Via Reddit.)