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The OSU Marching Band Tribute to Michael Jackson Is Amazing

Note the single glove.


The Ohio State University Marching Band has established a reputation for its themed half-time performances that feature dazzling, painstakingly precise formations of the sort that could make Busby Berkeley proud. Whether it’s a nostalgic tribute to video games, the magic of Disney, or the harmonious tunes of the Beach Boys, the talented musicians consistently enliven their performances with inspired choreography.

They may have outdone themselves this past weekend, though, with their 11-minute tribute to Michael Jackson. (The announcer at the beginning says it’s for the 25th anniversary of Bad, but, if so, they’re over a year late.) You can watch the entire extravaganza on YouTube, but the highlight is definitely their King of Pop silhouette. It’s an awesome feat worthy of the late entertainer’s legacy, and his constant quest for perfection.

(Via Deadspin.)