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When the Movies Go to the Movies

A still from Amélie in “Movies in Movies: A Montage” by Clara Darko and Brutzelpretzel


The movies have long loved to celebrate the movies. Even in the nascent years of the moving image, films like Buster Keaton’s Sherlock, Jr. made the moviegoing experience part of their storylines, appealing in part to the incredible popularity of the new ritual. In the last 50 years or so, the movies have arguably grown increasingly meta, with more and more films referencing the very art form they are creating.

Husband and wife team Brutzelpretzel and Clara Darko have honored the movies-in-movies trope for Slacktory with a delightfully edited montage, collecting 93 great examples of Hollywood’s love for itself. The video chronicles the experience of moviegoing, from paying for a ticket to buying concessions, from shushing the chatterbox behind you to attempting to make a move on a date.

And by wrapping up the montage with a series of characters gazing entrancedly at a movie screen, accompanied by a song from perhaps the greatest of all movies-about-movies, Singin’ in the Rain, it wonderfully captures the pure joy of watching film.

Check out the full list of movies sampled in the video over at Slacktory.