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Is This the Peanut Butter Jar of Tomorrow?

Making the blog rounds this week (thanks to Reddit) is a promotional video for Jar-With-a-Twist, a patent-pending design for a container that lets you push peanut butter up from the bottom as you use it, like a deodorant stick, in order to avoid soiling your knuckles with the sticky stuff. A good portion of the video’s appeal stems from its shameless, awkward kitsch—the no-holds-barred acting of the man in the red checkered shirt is truly Razzie-worthy:

Production values aside, this does seem like a good idea. That said, it fails to address a separate, equally important issue: the mess factor associated with oil separation in natural peanut butter. This, rather than “peanut butter knuckles,” is the main reason I always need to wash my hands after opening a peanut butter jar. Get on it, Jar-With-a-Twist! Inquiring minds want to know how red-shirt guy would react to getting peanut oil all over his fingers.