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Is This the Most Ambitious Supercut Ever?

If you’re a fan of cop movies and have an hour or so to spare this weekend, check out “Police Mortality,” one of the most ambitious supercuts we’ve ever seen. The Anti-Banality Union, the filmmaking collective behind the equally astounding disaster-movie supercut “Unclear Holocaust,” culled scenes from more than 120 different police movies and weaved them into a tense, engrossing amalgamation all its own.

Beginning with a detective’s suicide and a police force’s attempt to cover it up, the video manages to build an impressive narrative from its many sources, highlighting familiar tropes of the genre: the reckless, vigilante cop; the high-speed chase; the quarreling partners. And the film “stars” a fantastic array of performers, including Richard Gere, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert DeNiro, and James Gandolfini.

As entertaining as “Police Mortality” is, there is also a sense that it’s meant to reflect real-life issues surrounding law enforcement, rather than simply comment on Hollywood’s ingrained approach to telling cop stories. “Will it be more Rambo than Dirty Harry?” the filmmakers tease in their description of the video. “Is this movie actually a documentary?” It’s definitely worth finding out for yourself.

[Via Flavorwire.]