“Stop, Younger Version of Me!”

Jess Fink’s time travel memoir We Can Fix It!

Panels from We Can Fix It!

Courtesy of Top Shelf

If you could go back in time, what would you tell the younger version of you? Would you tell her not to worry so much about fitting in? That the class she wants to desperately to take will actually turn out to suck? That the boy she’s obsessing over will one day ask her to dance?


Cartoonist Jess Fink got the opportunity we’ve all daydreamed about thanks to the time machine on her porch (and the awesome green jumpsuit she bought). We Can Fix It!, Fink’s funny, thoughtful “time travel memoir,” is the story of Fink going back ever further in time to avert all the stupid mistakes her younger self made. If that sounds depressing, though, don’t worry, there’s also tons of making out.

Are our memories trustworthy? Can we really change the way we feel about our past? Was high school as bad as you thought it was? What happens if six versions of you all make out with each other at the same time? We Can Fix It! answers these very important questions, and we’re very pleased to have Jess Fink illustrating the June Slate Book Review.

We Can Fix It!: A Time Travel Memoir by Jess Fink. Top Shelf.

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