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Tobias Fünke Visits Don Draper

Whoever is in charge of marketing the return of Arrested Development is doing a bang-up job. The menu for the Bluth Banana Stand is available on Seamless (Mayoneggs will run you just over five dollars), and, if you happen to be in New York, you can visit the fruit-shaped booth itself (where you might see Ron Howard and upcoming guest star Terry Crews). Late last year, Netflix briefly added the awesomely fake TV shows mentioned throughout the series to its collection (sort of). There’s also the great new website made by Beutler Ink that tracks the show’s many recurring gags, though that does not appear to be an official part of the marketing campaign.

And now there’s an interactive feature that allows you to take everyone’s favorite never-nude, Tobias Fünke, and “insert him,” well, anywhere you’d like. That is, you can choose from one of several Tobias characters (including “Average Fellow” and “Motorcycle Ruffian”), one of several scenarios (Tobias “thinking” or waving to a long-lost acquaintance), and then place him in the photo or video of your choice.

Given our fondness for a certain AMC drama, we decided to see if Tobias could spice it up. Note: This scene comes from the most recent episode of Mad Men, so you might not want to watch it if you are not yet caught up on the show. Also: Wait for it.

We think that performance deserves some applause—from, say, Tobias’s many fans in the North Korean military. Well done, Fünke.