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Quiz: To the Wonder Voice-Over or De Beers Ad?

ForeverMark ad or still from To the Wonder?

Left: A still from the movie To the Wonder. Right: An image from an ad for ForeverMark Jewelry, by De Beers.

Right: Photography by Mikael Jansson Left: Still courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

If you’re a Terrence Malick fan, you should see his new movie To the Wonder. But you should also know that it’s perhaps his most Malicky movie yet, with enough whirling and twirling and whispered voice-over to fill a dozen Trees of Life. Most of this comes from stars Olga Kurylenko and Ben Affleck, whose characters fall for each other while visiting a seaside cathedral (“We climbed the steps … to the wonder”). The priest played by Javier Bardem is also heard pondering the nature of love. With all these whisperings and wonderings about timelessness and devotion (not to mention the model-prettiness of Kurylenko, Affleck, and their co-star Rachel McAdams), it can at times begin to feel like a De Beers ad.

How much so? Well, below you’ll find a list of lines from To the Wonder and from De Beers diamond jewelry commercials. Can you tell the difference?

To the Wonder or De Beers Jewelry Commercial: A Quiz

1. “Love is not only a feeling. You show love.”

2. “You say it with more brilliance. More depth. More fire.”

3. “You must travel back in time one billion years to witness its birth.”

4. “Into the eternal night. A spark.”

5. “I in you. You in me.”

6. “The thousand tiny pieces that compose our life gravitate around her.”

7. “Love makes us one. Two. One.”

8. “She is the force that holds us all together.”

9. “You got me out of the darkness. You gathered me up from Earth.”

10. “My sweet love. My hope.”

11. “She is my everything.”

12. “Because of her the most beautiful things started to grow.”

13. “It’s hard to imagine my life before her.”

14. “Know each other in that love that never changes.”

15. “Love is a journey that knows no end.”

16. “A husband does not find his wife lovely. He makes her lovely.”

Highlight below to reveal the answers:
(1) To the Wonder, (2) De Beers, (3) De Beers, (4) To the Wonder, (5) To the Wonder, (6) De Beers, (7) To the Wonder, (8) De Beers, (9) To the Wonder, (10) To the Wonder, (11) De Beers, (12) De Beers, (13) De Beers, (14) To the Wonder, (15) De Beers, (16) To the Wonder

YouTube sources for De Beers ads, in order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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