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Prince Remakes “Let’s Go Crazy”

Prince performs at South by Southwest in March.

Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Samsung

Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today because Prince has uploaded a remake of his 1984 classic “Let’s Go Crazy.” The song first came to us with the soundtrack to Purple Rain and brought four minutes of up-tempo gospel, rock, and funk. Life, though, is mighty long, and 29 years later His Royal Purpleness has tossed away the minister of funk routine to bring us a new, longer version—and it’s pretty much all bluesy hard rock.

Complete with John Bonham-style stomping drums (from new backing group 3rd Eye Girl) and a brief interlude in which Prince covers Edgar Winter Group’s “Frankenstein” (starting around 2:30), the new version sounds nothing like the original. In fact, it becomes a full-on hard-rock jam after only about two minutes. Thankfully, though, Prince can still really wail, and the new version has him in full Guitar God mode. Like so many things with Prince, it’s a little nuts, a little silly, and at least a little amazing.

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