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A Lost Interview With the Beastie Boys, Animated

The latest installment of Blank on Blank features a previously unheard interview conducted by Rocci Fisch for ABC News Radio in 1985. Fisch spoke to the Beastie Boys, then between the ages of 19 and 21, and his questions sound wonderfully dated today. “Are you guys the only white rappers?” he asks. “We’re the only ones on vinyl I imagine,” one of the Boys replies. A question about whether they make rap music for the suburbs gets an especially vitriolic response. “White critics won’t like us because they have this whole preconceived notion of what rap music is.”

I was already looking forward to the just-announced Beastie Boys memoir, which, rather than providing a straightforward narrative, “will  be a pastiche of voices, images, irreverent humor, and pop-culture reference points.” A bit like this video, in other words. Sounds great.

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