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Watch a Supercut of Characters With Their Backs to the Camera Looking at Something Epic

There’s more than one way to frame a spectacle. As Kevin B. Lee’s great video essay on “The Spielberg Face” points out, Steven Spielberg tends to show the awed face of the observer, then the wonder they’re seeing. While Spielberg gets his due in this gorgeous video essay from Zach Prewitt—set to Moby’s “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters”—it highlights another approach: placing the camera behind the character to behold the wonder along with them.

It’s also nicely edited to highlight other subsets of these shots. One of the first subsets? Characters looking out at audiences. After all, this supercut could also double as a tribute to the nature of the movies.

Via Laughing Squid. For the full list of films included here, click over to Vimeo or YouTube.