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See the Floor Plans of Your Favorite Characters’ Homes

The Simpsons

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If you were to magically step foot in the home of Homer and Marge or the apartment of Frasier Crane, could you find the bathroom? Make your way to the kitchen?

Recreating the living spaces of famous characters through detailed floor plans is a popular pastime, and some of the best designs we’ve seen so far come from interior designer Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde. Embellishing his elaborate plans with colorful touches and very precise elements—in the design for Holly Golightly’s apartment for example, he includes the guitar close to the windowsill she perches upon when singing “Moon River”— the artist invokes pleasant pop culture memories in an eye-catching manner. And he inadvertently raises some old questions, like, “How could Carrie Bradshaw possibly afford so much square footage?”

You can see some of our favorite floor plans below.

The Simpsons


Sex and the City

Breakfast at Tiffany’s




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