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Did You See This? Goats Yelling Like Humans, the Supercut

A goat

Still from YouTube.

There’s no way to intellectualize this: This is just two minutes of goats yelling like humans. It’s the end of the day, after all. And maybe you’ve seen some of these before, but finally someone strung them together into a full 125 seconds of goats shrieking, shouting, squealing, and hollering (but never bleating!) just like real human beings.

OK, so maybe we can just add this one thing. Here’s what the Spanish dude asks the goat at 2:01:

Muchacho: Zapatero. What do you think of the government under [then President José Luis Rodríguez] Zapatero?
Goat: [Spits, yells]
Muchacho: Well, me too.  And what’s your take on the government of the Canary Islands?
Goat: [Yells]
Muchacho: And the local island government?
Goat: [Yells]

Oh, and don’t miss the dog’s reaction at 2:01.