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The First Trailer for Terrence Malick’s Next Movie

Terrence Malick’s next movie, To the Wonder, stars Ben Affleck (yes, Ben Affleck) as an environmental inspector, Olga Kurylenko as his French girlfriend, Rachel McAdams as his childhood sweetheart, and Javier Bardem as a priest going through a crisis of faith. It won’t arrive in the U.S. until April, but it comes out in the U.K. in February, hence the new U.K. trailer above, which premiered at the Guardian today.

To the Wonder played the Venice Film Festival this year, and got reviews that were more mixed than Malick usually receives. And this trailer hasn’t totally convinced me that Affleck will hold the camera as well as Brad Pitt did in The Tree of Life. But that same swirling camerawork, so magical in Malick’s last film, is back, in what appears to be a more tightly focused film, one that again seems to consider God and nature and human relationships, but this time with a focus on romance rather than family. Obviously, I’m in.