The Star Wars Trilogy


Not a Star Wars GIF

Lucasfilm Ltd.

Every once in a while, Brow Beat pays tribute to a landmark film by encapsulating it in three animated GIFs. For this special installment for the Slate Reader Takeover, you selected the movie.

Or, as it turned out, movies: You wanted to see the whole Star Wars trilogy in just three short snippets. We did our best, and we make no excuses for our selections. As a Jedi Master once said, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”

Images from Star Wars © Lucasfilm Ltd. 1977.

Images from The Empire Strikes Back © Lucasfilm Ltd. 1980.

Images from Return of the Jedi © Lucasfilm Ltd. 1983.

Classic Cinema in 3 GIFs, Special Edition:

Images from Return of the Jedi © Lucasfilm Ltd. 1983.

If you find our lack of droids disturbing, head over to our outtakes and bonus GIFs.

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