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RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race: episode 5 responses.

Visitors from the Planet Solaris

Still of RuPaul.    


In last night’s recap, the lovely Jillian Steinhauer and I fixated on the final runway presentations and that…dramatic…lip-synch between Jujubee and Raven, but in doing so, we forgot about the FISH! Ruth Boulet over at Channel Guide kindly reminded me in her recap this morning of the wonder that was the combination of rough, rough day drag and sports-games. Though shooting hoops clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with the drag arts, I have to admit that it was fun to see the girls give a little butch-queen realness.

Boulet also rightly noted the surprisingly useful notes of guest judges Wendi McLendon-Covey (of Reno 911! fame) and the immortal Elvira: “Elvira knows a thing or two about creating super characters. Wendi offers Jujubee the feedback that if her character is bringing bronze to the world then maybe her character should show more skin. This is one of the things I like about Drag Race. With some exceptions, RuPaul brings in guest judges that actually have opinions & express them in a useful fashion.” I’m not sure that I agree that most of the judges are all that articulate, but Covey’s thoughts this week were pretty impressive, especially the characterization one Boulet mentions.

Speaking of characters, Jillian and I made a great deal of fun out of Team Rujubee’s convoluted space opera background story about the Planet Solaris—exactly how did the Earth survive another planet’s landing here? But lucky for us, a suspiciously knowledgeable commenter weighed in with some answers:

The Planet Solaris, orbiting outside of the earth, is the same planet from Edward D. Wood Jr.’s film “Plan 9 from Outer Space.” That is where solarbonite comes from, the material that makes sunlight explode like gasoline. The object that Juju held was not really a hair dryer, it was a ray gun that stimulates the pituitary and peneal glands of the recent dead and brings them to assimilated live. The reason earth people cannot see the Planet Solaris is because of their stupid minds, stupid mines. During the eclipse the planet Solaris remained where it was but the aliens came to earth in ships that look round in space, like cigars in the anmosphere, and are square when they land, made of paper plates. Raven and Jujubee were dressed in the traditional soldier’s garb of the planet Solaris, which resembles an ice skating costume. Does that make it clear?

Clear as a Solarian crystal. And of course, next week, the winner of this quick little trip into RuPaul’s All Star land will also become clear, when the four remaining queens are loosed from their teams and made to compete as individuals. Tanner Stransky of EW put it well: “The teams seemed like a great decision at first — but they quickly proved to be somewhat of a hindrance. I want to see how these four queens work on their own, claws out, next week.” Meow. I’ll be watching with you, Tanner!