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Girls Trailer for Season 2: The Ladies Are Back

A still from the new trailer for Season 2 of Girls 

Lena Dunham has been awfully busy since wrapping up the first season of Girls. She’s been writing for The New Yorker, encouraging young women to share their first electoral experience with Barack Obama, exposing herself on the Emmys (where she was a rare triple-threat nominee), and selling her first book for $3.5 million. Somewhere in there, she’s been finding time to shoot the second season of her groundbreaking series, bringing back all the ladies, plus (in part to respond to her critics) some new faces.


So what have our favorite adventurous women been up to? From the new trailer that premiered just minutes ago, it seems like Season 2 will be a mix of expected developments and surprises. After spending most of last season in a seemingly self-destructive relationship with Adam Sackler (the always wonderful and usually shirtless Adam Driver), Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) now says she’s looking for a “kind, sexy, responsible boyfriend.” This would be a surprise—good for Hannah but not necessarily good for the show—but thankfully the trailer assures us that Adam will still be doing more than enough creeping around to keep the show off balance.


And after their big falling out at the end of last season, Marnie and Hannah are also seeing each other again—though it’s not yet clear whether it’s “on purpose”—and a newly cornrowed Jessa (Jemima Kirke) will apparently be sticking with her shotgun marriage for at least a few more episodes. As for those new faces, Donald Glover’s seems to flash by as one of Hannah’s new flames—but it passes by so quickly that it’s hard to even make out.

For more, we’ll have to wait for the premiere of Season 2 on Sunday, Jan. 13. There’s no show I’m more excited for. Point blank.

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