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Did You See This? Breaking Bread

Barely Political’s Breaking Bread


While Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman may be better known for their skills at cooking meth, there’s another product in which they specialize: rum-spiced pumpkin pie. Such is the premise of a new parody by comedy team Barely Political, in which the dynamic drug-dealing duo host their own cooking show, “Breaking Bread.”

There’s a lot for Breaking Bad fans to be thankful for here, but we’re particularly fond of its pitch-perfect take on the relationship between Heisenberg and the sullen young Jesse. Walter, of course, begins by forcing the two through a full cleaning montage, but it’s not long before the cooking segment spirals into a life-and-death situation. Topped off with an appearance by a drunken Skyler, it’s the perfect way for any Breaking Bad fan to prepare for their Thanksgiving meal.

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