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Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Campaign Gets Even Weirder

You may recall that during the last Super Bowl, Will Ferrell served as a spokesman for Old Milwaukee—but only in North Platte, Nebraska, the sole market to air the comedian’s deadpan beer commercial. It was then the strangest development in Ferrell’s odd trajectory as Old Milwaukee pitchman—supposedly a role he took on himself.

But that’s nothing compared to what appears to have happened some time in the last few weeks: Ferrell is now taping spots for the Swedish market. There are several. Here’s one in which Ferrell speaks what I assume is Swedish-sounding gibberish.*

I’ll leave it to native speakers to tell me if that is, in fact, gibberish, and whether or not it actually sounds Norwegian.

*Update: Commenters OkarS and Bookfisher Von Herring both report that Ferrell is actually speaking Swedish! Their concurring translations: “This is my boat. This is my woman. And this is my beer. Old Milwaukee. It’s all right.” And my Slate colleague Jeremy Stahl points out that Ferrell is himself married to a Swedish woman, the actress Viveca Paulin.

(Via Splitsider.)