Thar She Blows

A sweeping nautical epic trapped in a 45-page domestic drama.

A panel from Laura Terry’s Overboard.

Something’s out to get Di-Di, the nervous heroine of Laura Terry’s comic book Overboard. Tiny harpoons launch out of her kitchen drain. Miniature whaling ships cast shadows in the bathtub. And her dreams are filled with waves, waves, waves …

Overboard packs a lot of story in its slim 45 pages, and that’s a credit to Terry’s lush watercolor artwork. In the world of this mysterious comic, domestic drama bleeds slowly into nautical adventure like the ocean greens and blues wash into the apartment’s orange-and-yellow color scheme. It’s easy to see why Terry won a prestigious Xeric grant to make this comic, and easy to see why we’re so excited that she’s illustrating the October issue of the Slate Book Review.

Overboard by Laura Terry. Self-published.

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