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Watch the Throne, Comedy Edition?

Actor Chris Rock in August and Comedian Dave Chappelle in 2006.
Actor Chris Rock in August and Comedian Dave Chappelle in 2006.

Photos by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images and Chad Buchanan/Getty Images.

Rumors of a Watch the Throne-style Dave Chappelle/Chris Rock comedy tour have circulated for almost a year now. Last October, the online magazine Humor Mill reported that the two had been spotted at a New York comedy club, and had discussed doing a comedy show together. Then in January, Vulture asked Rock about the rumors when he was at the Sundance Film Festival. “You know I’m not the hard one,” he told them. “But I’m trying to make that happen. After seeing Kanye and Jay-Z, I was like, ‘Me and Dave should do this.’”

Several months passed, but lately Rock has been doing frequent surprise spots at the Comedy Cellar (a venue you may recognize from the opening credits—and many stand-up sets—on Louie), and not long ago the two showed up there together. Rock tweeted a photo of himself and Chappelle, with the enticing caption: “Me and Dave at the comedy cellar watch the throne.”

Finally, on the Today earlier this week, Rock was asked about whether he was going to do another comedy tour any time soon. “Maybe,” he said. “Me and Chappelle have been working out, trying to get some stuff together. But we will see.”

I sure hope we do. By the way, just for the parlor-game fun of it, Rock is clearly Jay-Z, right? And Chappelle is Kanye West? I assume everybody agrees on that.