Welcome to Behold, Slate’s New Photo Blog

Welcome to Slate’s new photo blog Behold, which will feature the best, funniest, most inspiring photography projects around. Slate’s photo team will be sifting through the Web, books, exhibits and archives searching for images that are worth your time and fit to be seen—in short, stuff that’s marvelous to behold. This blog replaces Slate’s previous daily photo feature, Today’s Pictures, which drew exclusively from Magnum’s archives. (Don’t worry, you’ll still find Magnum photos on Slate.) Below, we answer a few questions you might have about the new blog.


Will I still find Magnum photos on Slate?

Yes! After seven years of featuring Magnum slideshows every day, we are diversifying our daily photographic offerings. But Magnum, which continues to be one of the most amazing photography archives in the world, will continue to be a part of the site. Behold will feature Magnum galleries once a week. In addition to archive photos, Slate will be featuring new projects by Magnum photographers. We also look forward to sharing behind-the-scenes stories about Magnum projects and other interactive features using Magnum photos that weren’t possible in our previous Today’s Pictures format.


Why is this blog so wide?

Because this space is all about appreciating images. Over the past couple months, Slate has experimented with this format and the feedback we got via comments, Tweets and e-mails was that you wanted to see more photos presented this way.


What kind of photos will I find here?

Behold will feature the same wide range of projects Slate has covered in the past. We’ll have new work from great artists, fascinating finds from photo archives around the globe, intriguing photojournalism, and more. (Expect to see more work like that the art we featured in “When Paintings Can Walk,” the photojournalism backstory we offered in “I Took that 9/11 Photo,” or the photographic history lesson of “Battlefield Photos that Changed Everything.” The difference is simply that there will be more of it. Every week, we will aim to offer a mix of work from across the world and Web.

How can I pitch a project?

The best way to pitch a project is to email us at

How can I follow Behold if I don’t like blogs?

Follow us on Twitter @beholdphotos  and via Tumblr at