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Did You See This? 50 Years of Movie Shades

Tom Cruise in Risky Business

Here at Brow Beat we believe that eyewear design is a crucial element in the success of a film. So we very much enjoyed the supercut below of the best movie sunglasses since 1962. It opens, appropriately, with Rowdy Roddy Piper in John Carpenter’s sci-fi classic They Live, and seems to include pretty much every iconic pair of shades since Cool Hand Luke. (I was particularly pleased to see Rufus, time-traveling buddy of Bill and Ted.)

Apart from Men in Black, that is: the video’s creators at Found Item Clothing are opposed to the Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones vehicle, for some reason. And they note a few other films they left out in an “honorable mentions” near the end. Did they miss any others? Let us know in the comments. (The great tune, by the way, is a 1966 Dean Martin recording called “Shades.”)

(Via HyperVocal.)