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Did You See This? Chatroulette Me Maybe

Still from YouTube

You probably think you’ve heard enough of “Call Me Maybe,” but this hairy man in a bikini may make you reconsider. For this just-uploaded video YouTube user SteveKardynal took to Chatroulette to spring his drag rendition of the Carly Rae Jepsen megahit on unsuspecting Chatroulette users, and in the process he reminds us why we loved it in the first place.

Way back in May music critic Ann Powers wrote a column for NPR on how “Call Me Maybe”—perhaps especially because of its goofy twist ending—launched a whole genre of YouTube cover videos in which frat boys, 8th-graders, and all sorts of other insistently straight dudes pranced around on their lawns like Jepsen and pantomimed love for each other. That column was called “Dudes Act Like a Lady,” and it’s never been embodied quite so well as in this video.

The reason this video makes Powers’ point so well—and the reason it’s so winning—is how happy so many of these random Chatroulette users become when they realize what’s happening. Even though several are shirtless dudes seemingly looking for something (don’t worry, the video is safe for work), some still can’t help but crack up and even sing along. There are exceptions—see the horrified face about 10 seconds in—but most smile and join in, with heartwarming results. If part of the appeal of Chatroulette is to get the view from the world’s computers, the view from here, at least, is pretty good.

(Via Reddit.)

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