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Did You See This? The Gotye Parody to End All Gotye Parodies

Still from “Some Music That I Used to Love” from YouTube.

Could this meme have ended any other way? When we wrote about another great Gotye parody last month, it was about the heartbreak of losing the original Star Wars films. This time the Gotye parody has turned in on itself: The time has come for Americans to break up with their favorite breakup anthem.

Even as a fan, I support this development. Part of what’s great about this video is how it at once expresses sincere regret over losing the song—it is an undeniably evocative and well-orchestrated piece of music, after all—and at the same time articulates the importance of moving onto other songs before you ruin your favorites forever. In that spirit, I pledge to make this the last Gotye parody we ever post. After more than 287 million views, it’s time to think about seeing other videos.

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