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Did You See This? Blade Runner in Watercolors

A still from Blade Runner: Aquarelle Edition, Part 1, by Anders Ramsell

Aquarelle is a French term for watercolor that refers specifically to paintings made with a transparent wash—meaning you can’t fix an aquarelle by retouching or painting over a mistake. You have to get it right the first time. That’s why aquarelles feel quick and spontaneous—even when they’re recreating a classic movie that you’ve seen many times over.

That’s the case with Anders Ramsell’s remarkable Blade Runner: Aquarelle Edition, a project that consists of 3,285 paintings so far. Thousands more will be required to make the entire film—but Ramsell’s dedication seems less crazy after watching the finished product to this point. The result has an ethereal, dreamy quality not quite like anything I’ve seen before. (Via Kotaku.)