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Did You See This? The Star Wars That You Used to Know

Still from "The Star Wars That I Used to Know"

Still from “The Star Wars That I Used to Know.”

While it’s certainly not the first Gotye parody—my previous favorite was from a few weeks ago, and featured a deadpan Dogtye (and Katra)—this may be the best Gotye parody yet.

Of course, it’s not technically a parody. While “Call Me Maybe” become a mega meme through sheer infectious glee, what “The Star Wars That I Used to Know” really does is commandeer the heartache of Gotye’s megahit breakup anthem and make it about a different kind of heartbreak altogether—this time the sadness over the loss of the original Star Wars films. It’s something like a Downfall video for the more sensitive (if still very nerdy) set.

Props to Eddie King and co. for the lyrics (and the shout out to practical effects), Teddie Films for the faithful design, and especially to Israel Curtis for his supremely committed performance. Thanks also to Vulture for the link.

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