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Obama Backs Gay Marriage, News Sites React

When President Obama announced his surprise endorsement of same-sex marriage Wednesday afternoon, news sites scrambled to reflect the news—each in their own way, and often reflecting their own political leaning on the issue.

ABC News broke the story with a fairly straightforward front page:

Fox Nation, on the other hand, was quick to declare Obama’s “War on Marriage”:

Before later doing some flip-flopping of their own (perhaps “War on Marriage” was a smidgen strong).

One spin, popular with both conservative and liberal outlets, was to imply that Obama’s announcement was a sort of coming out:

Abroad, in the United Kingdom, the BBC considered it their top story:

As did Al Jazeera:

The New York Times focused on Obama’s calling it a personal conviction:

While Breitbart, perhaps reflecting its late founder’s libertarian leanings, focused on how Obama said it would be left to states to decide:

Gawker began the backlash, suggesting that the announcement “amounts to much less than meets the eye”:

While Out at once took a moment to celebrate, questioned why it took Obama so long, and wondered what he thought of the latest from Madonna.