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Mad Men: Don’s Lincoln Center timeline.

Digging into the mystery of Don and Andrea’s Lincoln Center dalliance.

Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center, the site of Don and Andrea’s encounter. (Loading dock not pictured.)

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for IMG

Dear John and Julia,

At the risk of belaboring the question of how recently Don’s loading-dock dalliance with Andrea took place, I wanted to add a final addendum, from the mailbag.

One of our readers, Gary Rosen, emailed to point out that Lincoln Center did not open until the autumn of 1962. In the comments, Marc Geelhoed added that the New York City Opera started performances there in 1964, and the Metropolitan Opera did not begin performances at Lincoln Center until 1966. So either:

a) the writers have made an historical error (highly unlikely)

b) the Lincoln Center hookup never happened in the first place, and is a just a raunchy figment of Don’s fantasy (also unlikely, I think), or

c) when Don tells Megan that he was involved with Andrea six years ago, he’s lying (decidedly likely, it now seems).

Thanks Gary and Marc for the clues.

Until next week, I’m putting a moratorium on this conversation.