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Did You See This? The Rolling Stones Sing for Rice Krispies

Still of the Rolling Stones’ ad for Rice Krispies.

Tonight on Mad Men, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce courted the British Invasion in the form of the Rolling Stones, hoping that they could turn their hit “Time Is on My Side” into “Heinz Is on My Side.” As in the episode (spoiler alert), Heinz didn’t ever win a song out of the Rolling Stones. However, just as Don Draper mentions to a fan backstage, the Stones “did do one for cereal in England.”

Specifically, the band recorded a 1963 jingle for Rice Krispies. It only aired in the United Kingdom, but we’ve embedded it below:

While the Stones might not have rocked out for baked beans, The Who did—in jest, anyway. As writer Sean Howe pointed out on Twitter, the English band recorded the short track “Heinz Baked Beans” for their 1967 album The Who Sell Out. The Who did do a number of real-life ads—both the album title and album art were a bit of a cheeky self-deprecation—but this would-be Heinz spot was just a parody:

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