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Did You See This? New Trailers for Prometheus

A still of Michael Fassbender in the new trailer for Prometheus

After hyping it up with its own trailer, the new full trailer for Ridley Scott’s Prometheus arrived over the weekend. The tone is similar to the original teaser, but here you get almost two minutes of dialogue and exposition before the sirens begins sounding and the action begins strobing at you, at terrifying and borderline incomprehensible rates.

Setting aside the continued Inception brAAHM-ing (it’s not even fun to snicker at anymore), it’s another great trailer, both as a piece of viewing in itself and as a sign of the sci-fi blockbuster to come. By the time Michael Fassbender declares that “big things have small beginnings” (nice to see more of him in this one) he might as well be talking about the movie itself.


If you can’t wait to see more of the not-quite-an-Alien-prequel prequel, the American trailer was accompanied by the debut of its United Kingdom cousin. It follows the same basic structure, but there are new images in each, and the U.K. version emphasizes the director’s past classics. (These include not just Alien but Blade Runner—the trailer also mentions Gladiator.) Prometheus continues to position itself beside The Dark Knight Rises as this summer’s other big premium popcorn attraction, and to my eyes this is the best trailer yet.

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