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Green and White to the Final Four

Forget team names. Make your March Madness picks with Slate’s 2012 mascot and school color brackets.

Also in Slate, Chris Wilson explains how to win your NCAA pool and Will Oremus breaks down what would happen if the NCAA Tournament were a fight to the death between mascots.

You’ve studied the 2012 NCAA Tournament bracket for hours and you’re totally stuck. Is North Carolina overrated or underrated this year? Can VCU make it back to the Final Four or has its magic run out? Who or what is St. Bonaventure?

Our advice: Stop cramming for March Madness and print out Slate’s alternative NCAA brackets. We guarantee that these PDF brackets will not overload your brain with excess information. Rather, we’ve provided the only data points people really need to make their NCAA picks: images of 68 mascots and 68 sets of school colors. Do you believe in the awesome power of avian creatures, or do you find yourself drawn to the swordsmen? And which colors do you believe correlate with victory, green-and-white or blue-and-orange?

Click the launch buttons above to view Slate’s printable mascot and team color brackets (in PDF format).