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Did You See This? Radiohead Performs New Songs

Thom Yorke performs with Radiohead at the Glastonbury Festival last June.

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Radiohead performed in Miami last night, and they played two new songs, happily uploaded to YouTube. The first is a moody, droning affair called “Cut a Hole”:

The second, called “Identikit,” is a bouncier number, propelled by Phil Selway’s drumming. The sound quality on this video is not quite as good, but the quality of Thom Yorke’s typically distinctive dance moves is impeccable:

Via Vulture. Meanwhile, IndieWire has a clip from the upcoming documentary The Island President, which will feature a number of Radiohead songs—and which the band scored. You can hear part of that score in the clip from the movie, which tells the story of Mohamed Nasheed, a pro-democracy activist who became president of the Maldives, and who was, just weeks ago, ousted by a violent coup.