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Did You See This? Dog TV

A still from a new ad for Dog TV.

So, there’s a new TV station dedicated to dogs. It’s not about dogs, mind you—it’s for dogs. Branded as “a whole new breed of television” (get it?) and launched in San Diego this week, it’s free for Time Warner and Cox—though it will eventually carry a $5 fee.

Creators say the 24-hour channel will give your pooch a companion while you’re away, with color-adjusted, audio-engineered content specifically for canines. We’re talking relaxation content, stimulation content, the whole shebang.

Scientists who are not Dr. Nicholas Dodman, seen explaining the channel below, are skeptical, in part because dogs have poor eyesight. But they say the secret to DOGTV may be in the audio.

The channel’s website answers more burning questions, such as: “My dog seems extra excited while watching DOGTV. Is this OK?” But my question is not answered there: Can a channel catering to dogs sell ads? And what are their rates?

(Via Videogum.)