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Every Time Daffy Duck Gets Shot in the Face in “The Hunting Trilogy”

Between 1951 and 1953, legendary animator Chuck Jones directed his “Hunting Trilogy,” three short Looney Tunes that are among the classics of the form. The premise of each short is simple: (1) The dimwitted Elmer Fudd tiptoes his way into the forest, (2) Daffy Duck tries to persuade Elmer that it’s wabbit season, while Bugs Bunny tries to persuade Elmer that it’s really duck season, (3) Daffy is outmaneuvered and takes some lead to the face.

The formula is simple, but what makes the cartoons classics are the small variations in execution—particularly the sundry results when Daffy gets shot in the face. While Daffy gets shot in the face no less than eighteen times over the course of the three shorts (six times in Rabbit Fire, five times in Rabbit Seasoning, and seven times in Duck! Rabbit, Duck!—or about once per minute), when the smoke clears each result is different, with the latter two toons leaving Daffy’s bill in a new location after nearly* every single fire.

Herewith, and in order of appearance, we’ve assembled the multifarious consequences that ensue when Daffy gets shot in the face:

Daffy Duck in "The Hunting Trilogy"

Stills © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. 1951-1953

The only real repeat is the second-to-last shooting in Duck! Rabbit, Duck!, which upon closer analysis is just a black-eyed mirror image of the second shelling he receives in Rabbit Seasoning.