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Did You See This? The Zen of Steve Jobs

An illustration from Caleb Melby, Forbes’s, and JESS3’s The Zen of Steve Jobs.

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This week, Forbes published The Zen of Steve Jobs, a graphic novel that, as Brainiac reports, presents a partly fictionalized account of “the relationship between Steve Jobs and his Buddhist teacher Kobun Chino Otogawa.” As Caleb Melby, the author, says in the trailer for the book below, Jobs had studied Buddhism some in both high school and college, and he turned to Otogawa after he and Apple parted ways in the 1980s. Otogawa was a calligrapher—and Jobs, too, as was widely discussed after his death last year, studied calligraphy in college.

The Zen of Steve Jobs is not the only recent artistic tribute to the Apple founder: Earlier this week, a somewhat creepy-looking Steve Jobs action figure got attention around the web. Yesterday, The Telegraph reported that Apple has threatened legal action against the Chinese company that is manufacturing the dolls.

In Icons’s Steve Jobs action figure. (Photo from