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Should I Watch Lost Girl?

Anna Silk on Lost Girl.

What is it?
Lost Girl is a supernatural thriller about Bo, played by Anna Silk, a young woman whose kisses can kill. She learns that she is “fae” (“an evolutionary branch that predates on humans”); specifically, she is a succubus. Two fae cops who act as unofficial liaisons between humans and the fae introduce her to the two fae clans. Bo must find her place in this universe. Two seasons have already run in Canada; the show has its U.S. premiere on Syfy tonight at 10.

You’ll like it if you read and enjoyed the Harry Potter novels as an adult.
Bo’s discovery of her true place in the world echoes the boy wizard’s journey to fulfill his destiny. Bo has unusually strong powers, which she doesn’t yet know how to harness, and she doesn’t know the identity of her real parents. Her crack-shack apartment is the grown-up equivalent of Harry’s cupboard under the stairs.

You won’t like it if you insist upon state-of-the-art special effects.
They’re not. Definitely not.

You’ll like it if you enjoy Canadian content.
Although the creators don’t shout about the show’s national origins, you can’t help spotting Degrassi alumnae and noticing that the characters often wear heavy winter coats over their chic leather jackets.

You won’t like it if you have zero tolerance for the supernatural.
Don’t watch if you aren’t prepared to learn about the fae clans and their various gifts.

You’ll like it if you enjoy allegories about gay life.
The fae hang out in a bar “where we don’t have to hide who we are.” And a fondness for miniskirts, boots, and leather jackets isn’t the only thing Bo has in common with The Good Wife’s Kalinda Sharma, if you know what I mean.

The bottom line:

It’s Forever Knight with a dash of Buffy; Harry Potter with (mild) swearing and (PG) sex.

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