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Golden Globes Salute Gosling

Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ryan Gosling nabbed two Golden Globe nominations this morning: one for Best Actor in a Drama, for his performance in The Ides of March, and another for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, for his performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love.  He joins the lofty company of Michael Caine and Tom Hanks, the only other leading men to get nominated in both categories in the same year. (Caine did it way back in 1966, with nominations for Alfie and Gambit, while Hanks pulled it off in 1993, with Philadelphia and Sleepless in Seattle).

Given the big year he’s having, the Gos love is unsurprising—though some in the blogosphere were surprised by how the Hollywood Foreign Press Association chose to dole out its praise. To many, Gosling’s Ides of March performance as a campaign strategist paled in comparison to his performance as a stunt driver in Drive. (The HFPA clearly likes Ides of March more than most critics: In addition to Gosling’s nomination, director George Clooney was also recognized in the Best Screenplay and Best Director categories, and the movie got a Best Motion Picture nod.) Others were surprised that the best actor nod for Crazy, Stupid, Love went to Gosling rather than his co-star, Steve Carell.

And those weren’t the only upsets: Many blogs have derided the Golden Globes for snubbing Breaking Bad in the Best Television Drama category in favor of the less-acclaimed American Horror Story. Other top snubs are Melissa McCarthy in the Best Supporting Actress category for her foul-mouthed Bridesmaids performance and The Tree of Life for Best Motion Picture—Drama. 

Unexpected accolades also went to Carnage, which doesn’t arrive in U.S. theaters until Friday, but which has gotten mixed early reviews. Carnage’s two female leads, Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster, both received nominations despite the film’s lackluster critical reception.

Some blame the Globes’ anomalies on its star-blindedness, and this year’s nominations will no doubt invoke what has become an annual debate about HFPA’s credibility.

Check out the entire list of nominees here. What are you happiest to see on the list? What snub are you most upset about it? Tell us in the comments.