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Seinfeld, Larry David Discuss Natalie Wood’s Mysterious Death

A photo of Natalie Wood.
A photo of Natalie Wood from Marti Rulli’s book ‘Goodbye Natalie, Goodbye Splendour’, which helped reopen the investigation into Wood’s death.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Yesterday, The Hollywood Reporter posted online a piece from their new issue detailing how the reopened investigation into Natalie Wood’s death may proceed. The piece says that police have “at least one other witness” who has provided new information, in addition to Dennis Davern, the boat captain whose motives have been questioned since he is currently promoting a book about Wood.

Over at The Wrap, on the other hand, several legal experts are quoted to the effect that the investigation is unlikely to go anywhere. If they’re right, the investigation may end like this conversation between Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, from a Season 7 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm:

Meanwhile, Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood’s widower, who would seem to be the most likely suspect in any renewed investigation (though the police have said otherwise), will be a guest star on NCIS tonight. His role: a murder suspect.