I’d Rather Watch Music and Lyrics

Still of Eric Elmosnino in "Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life." Click image to expand.
Eric Elmosnino plays Serge Gainsbroug in Gainsbourg:Une Vie Héroïque


Had we but word count enough and time, I could go on about every movie you just mentioned.  When you profess your fondness for “barely fictionalized musical melodramas starring actual pop stars,” I think of A Star Is Born (the 1954 George Cukor version), my nominee for best movie about the life of a singer and one of my favorite movies tout court. On a less exalted (but still fun) plane, it was a pleasure to be reminded of 2007’s Music and Lyrics,with those lemon-fresh pop songs written by Fountains of Wayne’sAdam Schlesinger. I remember seeing that movie with you and taping a Spoiler Special podcast about it back when I was just getting to know you. Thanks for continuing the conversation.